We are in the background of a wonderful memory,
a shared experience
in the pleasures of the table,
embellishing your moments
with friends through the taste and the story 

SJØØRN SPIRITS is more than just a beverage distributor

Founded in 2021

Sjøørn Spirits came to life in 2021, born of two brothers, Søen and Bjørn with a common drive to discover unique beverages and share them with you. “Sjoorn” is an amalgamation of our names, a word which in Swedish means the sea eagle, that majestic bird associated with great vision and regality.

Our driving force

We want people to be joyful. There should be laughter and happy chatter at their table. We want them to spend evenings with friends, create wonderful memories, share a meal, a moment, a story, a smile, a taste at their dinner table. And we want them to do it from the healthy and enduring planet that our partners strive to work in harmony with.

Our Purpose

We search out wines and spirits that taste delicious, are not easily found, and are crafted slowly with care by hand.  We find producers that care about their craft and create special beverages that have their own story to tell. We especially partner with people who look for ways to make things that are slow and careful.

Our Team

Søren Habisch

Chief Executive Officer

Søren has had a diverse and interesting professional history, always focused on people. Having completed an apprenticeship as a paramedic, he went on to study Industrial Engineering at Bachelor level. He has since worked predominantly in sales, leading teams focused on customer acquisition, strategy, new market analysis and customer management, also completing an MBA in between.  Søren is thrilled to be heading a small company with a big heart, leading such a passionate group of people.  

Søren loves a glass of full-bodied red wine, ideally our Benincasa La Fornace, along with some strong aged cheese. 


0151 64065442

Sarah Pongratz

The Visual Person

Having studied Fine Arts, Sarah took a job in a café to help pay for her paints. This little job unearthed a deep and lifelong obsession with the gastronomy industry that took her to some of the most prestigious restaurants in Australia, where she built on her knowledge of fine wines, spirits and cuisine, as well as the business of Gastronomy.  Later studies in Business and Marketing means that here Sarah can combine all of her passions! 

Sarah’s favourite beverage is Champagne, matched with natural oysters. Or a flat white matched with poached eggs on sourdough.


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Bjørn Habisch

The the one with the Smarts

Bjørn keeps it real here at Sjøørn Spirits. His extensive experience in the world of finance means that while we’re all talking about tannins and notes of red berries, Bjørn is ensuring the hard stuff is under control. With an apprenticeship in insurance sales completed, he also studied economics and financial engineering. He has worked in finance, private banking, wealth management, stock exchange trading and international finance but he is also good at selling you a bottle of wine.  

As his work requires so much concentration, Bjorn’s favourite drink has to be coffee. 


0151 11662654

Sandra Brüning

The Postage Queen

Therefore we’d be lost without our wonderfully organised and structured colleague working in Logistics and Customs, the lovely Sandra.

Sandra completed her apprenticeship in office administration and began to specialise in shipping. By chance she began helping in customs and decided to stick with it, because the never ending new challenges and constant opportunities to learn something different kept her engaged and enthusiastic. We love having Sandra’s careful and experienced hand on all of our shipping needs, because we know we can trust that our beautiful wines & spirits will find their way safely to you.

Sandra is clearly the sweetest amongst us, with her favourite thing to drink being chocolate and milk.


Martina Togbenou

The Organisational Superstar

Creativity crossed with a love of customer service is a theme here at Sjøørn Spirits. Martina is no exception. A trained florist, she started her working life making the world beautiful, but has since worked extensively in back office roles, making the world more organised. Martina is someone with creative flair, kind people skills, and a remarkable penchant for organisation. Having lived in the Rhine & Moselle areas she also knows a thing or two about wine. 

Martina loves a dry red wine with a medium steak. Classic The odd Moscow Mule is also always welcome.  


0151 6406 5442

Gold Medal
Ondjaba Classic

Namibia 46%
San Francisco World Spirits Competition winner 2022

Bronze Medal
Ondjaba Gravino Cask
Finish Whiskey

Namibia 46%
San Francisco World Spirits Competition winner 2022

“After a lifetime of having the privilege of tasting some of the finest whiskies ever bottled, I thought I had seen and tasted it all – how wrong I was. The “Ondjaba” whiskey series is a remarkable expression of what is possible when you think completely outside the box. The Ondjaba is an amazing achievement and an incredible whisky.”

W. Robertson

Spirit of Scotland – Whisky Tastings