All hands on deck for harvest!

This season was a good one for winemakers in Umbria. All of that warm sunshine helped the grapes to grow full and intense and develop lots of sugar. This is perfect for converting into the powerful alcohol found in the extraordinary Sagrantino wines of Cantina Benincasa.

The team at Sjöörn Spirts are all about continuous development and learning, never missing an opportunity to understand these special products better. Therefore this season Sarah from Marketing left the office, put on her work boots and made the long journey south to spend sometime at the Benincasa vineyards during harvest with Marco.

About the experience of helping out on harvest Sarah said, „what a special time! I have been learning about wine for a long time, but seeing it actually being made is an experience that can’t be topped. I feel like I understand so much more about this magical beverage. And spending time working with Marco, sorting and pressing grapes, checking the fermentation every day, has confirmed what I suspected. This wine maker is so authentic and passionate about making wine his way. He is proud of his region and it’s traditions and you really taste this in his wines.“

The harvest is finished for the season but Marco has much work ahead of him, checking the fermentation every day, mixing the wines that are developing in the traditional concrete vats and deciding on the perfect moment to move them to their new homes in French oak for the next few years.

Right now the Sagrantino vines are showing off their amazing deep red autumn colours alone the rolling hills of Bevagna and Monteflaco.

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