Grape harvest 2023

Autumn is the time of harvest. This means that the promise of a new expression of the land and the environment in Umbria will be ready for us to taste in a few years’ time. Of course, this also means a lot of hard work for our friend Marco in the cantina in Umbria. Unfortunately, 2023 was not the year of the Sagrantino in Umbria. Too much rain followed by too much sun meant that the Sagrantino harvest in the entire Montefalco region was not good. For us wine drinkers, this means that we should stock up on Sagrantino now, because in a few years’ time, when the 2023 vintage comes onto the market, we could experience a winter without Sagrantino if we are not prepared. Something that none of us want.

The good news is that the other grape varieties are thriving in the region, so Marco is busy producing Grechetto and Sangiovese as you read this. So all is not yet lost!

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