Masterclass: Cocktails

“Strong Berry”

A refreshing combination of only the best ingredients, perfect for a sip in the sun. But sip slowly – this is not lemonade!


40cl Emskorn 4840 Blackthorn Blueberry(4840 Blackthorn Blueberry Liqueur | 4840 (

Mixed berries

Fresh mint

Ice cubes

Benincasa ‘L’Incontro’ Spumante to fill up(Spumante L’Incontro – SJØØRN SPIRITS (


Start with a shot of Emskorn in a wine glass

Add the mixed berries. Fill the glass with ice cubes (always pour the spirit into the glass first so that the ice cubes do not melt too much). Top up with Benincasa L’Incontro Spumante. Serve with a sprig of fresh mint.

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