Pouring sparkling wine

Have you ever dined in a fine restaurant and enjoyed the elegant display of an experienced sommelier pouring your champagne with confidence and grace? This certainly increases the anticipation of the delicious sip of sparkling wine to come. This special art of pouring sparkling wine can actually be mastered by anyone. It just takes a little practice. And that means more sparkling wine. I would say there are more difficult lessons to learn.

At the beginning you have to get used to holding the bottle on the base. You can hold the indentation in the bottom to ensure stability. There are two reasons for this: It prevents the bottle from being warmed by your hand, and it’s polite. In the hospitality industry, we say that the top two thirds of the bottle or glass belong to the guest. Only the lower third may be touched by a waiter or sommelier.

Next, you do not need to lift and tilt the glass. Pour in the wine slowly and watch the bubbles foam up. Adjust the pouring speed to the speed at which the foam approaches the top of the glass. This must not be rushed. If it is particularly active, pause and continue watering when the foam subsides.

Pour in no more than half of the glass. This allows the beautiful aromas to gather in the glass, an important element of all wines, including sparkling wines.

And enjoy.

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