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Where the experience of place, people and grape interconnect for an unforgettable and distinctive glass of wine, handcrafted with artistry.

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From the “Green Heart of Italy”

Located roughly half-way between Florence and Rome, the region of Umbria produces its own personality of DOCG wines, of high quality but limited fame. Flying below the radar of the noisier Tuscan varietals, you will discover a regional treasure. If you are someone who likes to discover the unique or enigmatic, even the most experienced of your wine-loving friends will be impressed that you’ve had the rare opportunity to taste this extraordinary wine.

Umbria is known as ‘The Green heart of Italy” and has the unique placement in the country of resting neither by the sea or another nation. Its whereabouts has protected the region from outside influences and preserved its old-world traditions down to today. And its micro-climate ensures that the native wines of the region thrive and produce results with power and longevity. These are important and very lovable wines.

Here is where you’ll find the Benincasa vineyards – the first vineyard to register for the Montefalco Rosso DOC.

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W. Robertson

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The Unique Sagrantino Grape

Sagrantino is indigenous to Umbria. This small but epic grape variety has an ancient history in this area, as it was traditionally used to make a sweet sacramental wine known as Passito. Around the middle of the 20th century, winemakers began to make this grape into a dry wine. The founder of Benincasa, Domenco, was at the forefront of this movement and his cantina was the first to register for the DOC Montefalco Rosso. The soils in the Montefalco region are mainly clay and limestone, which pushes the roots deep into the earth in search of water. The result is a fruit with a very thick skin that produces wines of remarkable power and structure. Sagrantino has some of the highest tannin levels of any grape in the world.

Marco – The Winemaker

Marco Alimenti was born to be a winemaker in Umbria. His grandfather, Domenico Benincasa, founded the beautiful vineyards in 1964 and from an early age Marco was taught by him how to make the exceptional wines for which Umbria has become famous. Although the world around him has moved to faster production methods and in some cases the heart of the wines has fallen by the wayside, Marco continues to lovingly produce these unique drops using the traditional methods his grandfather taught him. Investing his heart and soul along with his deep love for the region into each bottle.

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