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Pouring sparkling wine

Have you ever dined in a fine restaurant and enjoyed the elegant display of an experienced sommelier pouring your champagne …

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Vini e Piu

Benincasa in Munich Good news for our friends in the beautiful south of Germany. Our very special range of wines …

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“Having had the privilege of tasting some of the best whiskeys ever bottled for a lifetime, I thought I’d seen and tasted it all – how wrong I was. The “Ondjaba” whiskey series is a remarkable expression of what is possible when you think completely outside the box. The Ondjaba is an amazing achievement and an incredible whiskey.”

W. Robertson

Spirit of Scotland – Whisky Tastings


Made from fruits and grains harvested with absolute commitment to only the finest quality produce and stored in carefully selected casks. Our beverages are produced in small batches, never sacrificing quality for quantity. Taste the uniqueness of each batch or different vintage.

Our Portfolio

Journey with us to the sunny region of Umbria and try a glass of Sagrantino, the most tannic grape in the world. Then head to Namibia and try a whiskey smoked with the sustainable resource provided by our largest colleagues, the dung of the desert elephant.

We Care About the Earth

That is why we make sure that our products are given the time they need for natural and sustainable development. For this reason we rely on handcrafted beverages, ingredients that are indigenous, locally sourced and low on food miles.

Our People

Our employees and partners are dedicated to crafting the best possible quality products. They have affection and respect for the traditions of the past as well as a drive to innovate and constantly improve and develop. We are deeply proud of that.


We do everything we can to ensure that you feel joy and satisfaction when enjoying a glass of wine or whiskey from Sjøørn Spirits. Therefore we search diligently for wines and spirits that taste delicious, are crafted slowly with care by hand and that always have a story to tell.

The customer’s voice, your voice, is a central aspect for the new and further developments of our products. Contact us – we look forward to your feedback! 

Your Sjøørn Spirits Team

Gold Medal
Ondjaba Classic

Namibia 46%
San Francisco World Spirits Competition winner 2022

Bronze Medal
Ondjaba Gravino Cask
Finish Whiskey

Namibia 46%
San Francisco World Spirits Competition winner 2022